Tip O’Neill

Title: President

Organisation: International Raw Materials Ltd

Areas of Expertise: Transport; Madagascar; Sustainability

Languages: English

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Franck Bentrup

Title: Agronomic researcher

Organisation: Yara GmbH & Co. KG

Areas of Expertise: Agronomy; R&D

Languages: German; English

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Satish Chander

Title: Director General

Organisation: FAI – The Fertiliser Association of India

Areas of Expertise: India; South Asia; Subsidy programmes

Languages: English; Hindi; other Indian languages

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Sean De Cleene

Title: Vice President, Global Business Development & Public Affairs

Organisation: Yara Belgium S.A.

Areas of Expertise: Africa Growth corridors; WEF- New Vision

Languages: English

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Jochen E. Tilk

Title: President and CEO

Organisation: PotashCorp

Areas of Expertise: Fertilizer; Food security; Energy supply; Safety

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Clyde Graham

Title: Acting President

Organisation: Canadian Fertilizer Institute

Areas of Expertise: North America; Canada; Fertilizer; Sustainability; Climate change

Languages: English

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Jacob Hansen

Title: Director General

Organisation: Fertilizers Europe

Areas of Expertise: Europe; Fertilizer

Languages: English

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Patrick Heffer

Title: Director, Agriculture

Organisation: International Fertilizer Industry Association

Areas of Expertise: Agronomy; Fertilizer use; Biology; Specialty fertilizers; Forecasts & statistics

Languages: English; French

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Gerd Löbbert

Title: Senior Vice President and Head of Upstream

Organisation: Yara

Areas of Expertise: Fertilizer

Contact Gerd Löbbert

Gershon Kalyan

Title: Chief Agronomist

Organisation: ICL Fertilizers

Areas of Expertise: Sustainable fertilizer use; Potash; Green economy

Languages: Hebrew; Spanish; English

Contact Gershon Kalyan

Abdul Rahman Jawahery

Title: Chairman of the Finance Committee

Organisation: GPIC – Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co.

Areas of Expertise: Middle-East/Gulf region; Nitrogen; Sustainability; Safety

Languages: Spanish; Arabic

Contact Abdul Rahman Jawahery

Joachim Lammel

Title: Head of product and application R&D

Organisation: Yara GmbH & Co. KG

Areas of Expertise: R&D; Agronomy; New products

Languages: German; English

Contact Joachim Lammel

Charlotte Hebebrand

Title: Director General (ex officio)

Organisation: IFA (International Fertilizer Industry Association)

Areas of Expertise: All

Languages: French; English; Dutch

Contact Charlotte Hebebrand

Hillel Magen

Title: Director

Organisation: IPI – International Potash Institute

Areas of Expertise: Potash Fertilizer

Languages: Hebrew; English

Contact Hillel Magen

Kathy Mathers

Title: Vice President, Public Affairs

Organisation: TFI – The Fertilizer Institute

Areas of Expertise: USA; Fertilizer; Sustainability

Languages: English

Contact Kathy Mathers

Esin Mete

Title: Vice President for Sustainable Development

Organisation: Toros Agri Industry and Trade Co. Inc.

Areas of Expertise: Zinc-enhanced fertilizer; Training; Women in agriculture

Languages: Turkish; English

Contact Esin Mete

Alfred Pitse

Title: President & Chief Executive Officer

Organisation: Foskor Ltd

Areas of Expertise: Africa; RSA

Languages: English

Contact Alfred Pitse

Eugenio Ponce

Title: Senior Commercial Vice President

Organisation: Sociedad Quimica y Minera

Areas of Expertise: South America; Potash; Micronutrients; Organic fertilizers

Languages: Spanish; English

Contact Eugenio Ponce

Mark Garrett

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Organisation: Borealis

Areas of Expertise: France; Fertilizer

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Terry Roberts

Title: President

Organisation: International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Areas of Expertise: Research; New products; Agronomy

Languages: English

Contact Terry Roberts

David Roquetti Filho

Title: Executive Director

Organisation: ANDA

Areas of Expertise: Brazil; South America; Cerrados

Languages: Portuguese; English

Contact David Roquetti Filho

Ajay Shriram

Title: Chairman & Senior Managing Director

Organisation: DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd

Areas of Expertise: Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar; Rural markets; India

Languages: English; Hindi; other Indian languages

Contact Ajay Shriram

Mostafa Terrab

Title: Vice President Member of the EMG

Organisation: OCP

Areas of Expertise: Africa; Phosphate

Languages: English; French; Arabic

Contact Mostafa Terrab

Maged Abadir

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Organisation: Fertilizer Group Orascom Construction Industries (OCI)

Areas of Expertise: Fertilizer

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